5 Jun 2013

We Are Tea Review

We Are Tea is an independent tea retailer that was established in 2007 with a tea shop near St Paul's Cathedral in London. All their teas are ethically sourced and hand packed in the UK. These award winning teas are available to buy in Whole Foods Market, Harrods, selected Tesco stores and online. They offer a complete range of blends and flavours, with a variety for every type of tea lover - from black and green teas, to floral and herbal infusions. We Are Tea very kindly sent me a sample of their premium flavours to review: Ceylon with Vanilla, Earl Grey Supreme, Chamomile Flowers, Super Berry, Serenitea (love that name!) and Moroccan Mint.

The We Are Tea range is gorgeously presented - I like the sleek and modern design of the tea boxes. The tea bags themselves have the distinctive look of a gourmet tea, and are filled with large fragrant leaves. This gives each individual tea bag it's own unique and inviting scent.

Chamomile Flowers
I enjoyed trying out all the different flavours:

Ceylon with Vanilla: I couldn't wait to try this one, as my sweet tooth loves the idea of a vanilla infused tea. It didn't disappoint with the fresh tea flavour dominating at first and the vanilla adding a sweet finishing touch. A perfect calorie free treat!

Earl Grey Supreme: A winner of two gold stars at the Great Taste Awards, the Earl Grey Supreme uses only the finest whole leaf black tea and is scented with oil of bergamot. The flavour has a zesty citrus edge to it - making this a fresh and authentic Earl Grey.

Chamomile Flowers: Chamomile tea is known for it's soothing, relaxing properties and this was no exception. The teabag is full of little flower buds that look adorable! I'm not the greatest fan of chamomile tea but this one is pleasantly fragrant with a delicate taste. A lovely tea that's ideal as an evening drink.

Super Berry: This tea is part of the We Are Tea infusion range and is a naturally caffeine free fruit infusion. I loved the dark reddish colour of the tea and the flavour was just as deliciously fruity as I was expecting - so summery and refreshing. We Are Tea also suggest using the Super Berry to make a delicious iced tea.

Moroccan Mint: My husband is a big fan of mint teas, especially the Tea Pigs Peppermint Leaves (reviewed here) so I couldn't wait to see what he would think of this Moroccan Mint which is made using green tea and peppermint leaf. The Moroccan Mint has a refreshing flavour that is completely energising and cleansing. It's easy to see why this was also a winner of two gold stars at the Great Taste Awards.

Serenitea: Isn't this a lovely name for a tea? I feel relaxed already! It's a blend of green tea and some intriguing ingredients such as lime blossom tree and apple pieces. The flavour is extremely unique and delicate - combining a fragrant green tea with subtle citrusy notes. It's such a delicious flavour that I can imagine drinking this at any time of day as a replacement for my usual jasmine green tea.

Overall this is fantastic range of tea which I'm so pleased to have been introduced to. The Ceylon with Vanilla has replaced the Waitrose Rooibos & Vanilla, as my favourite vanilla infused tea and I will definitely be buying it, and the Serenitea, in the future - along with the Moroccan Mint for the hubby!

There are also lots of other varieties in the We Are Tea range including this awesome sounding green tea: Gunpowder Tea. As a fan of green tea I have to track that one down! Prices start from £3.99 and the teas are available in different formats - teabags or loose leaf in packets or tins.

We are Tea very kindly sent me some samples to review but all opinions expressed are my own.

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