26 Jun 2013

Around the World: China - Wanttone Breakfast Biscuits

It's quite strange to me that I have never reviewed a product from China before. I certainly eat a lot of Chinese food but most of the products I buy seem to be made in the UK. On a recent visit to Chinatown in London I spotted these Breakfast Biscuits by cake and biscuits makers Wanttone. I've reviewed quite a few brands of breakfast biscuit so I was interested to see how this Chinese brand would compare.

The biscuits are displayed in a simple plastic tray. There are no individually sealed portions which is slightly disappointing, having separate packs is always more useful for breakfast biscuits.

The biscuits themselves, however, are fine, if a little dull. They're fairly simple wheaty biscuits but they have a decent buttery undertone and subtle vanilla flavour. The texture is very nice too, perfect for enjoying with a hot drink. Although these are not really a replacement for the cereal based breakfast biscuits we get in the UK, they are still very good as basic biscuits for tea.

If anyone can recommend another snack from China to review I would be very grateful!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Wanttone Breakfast Biscuits

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: I would try more from the range.
: Unable to read the information.

Purchased: Loon Fung - Chinatown.
Price: £0.99p.

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