21 Jun 2013

Marks & Spencer Triple Chocolate Brownie Cake

Another new cake from the M&S Great British Summer range. This Triple Chocolate Brownie Layer Cake looks so utterly fabulous I'm going to let the photos do most of the talking :)

The cake is made up of layers of dark chocolate chip brownie and madeira cake, with milk chocolate ganache in the centre and white chocolate buttercream on top. It's all dusted with cocoa powder in a swirly design that looks absolutely gorgeous.

As you would expect from a Marks & Spencer's cake, all the individual elements are superb. The brownie layer is deliciously dark and full of intense chocolate flavour. The madeira cake is super moist and light, providing a lovely contrast with the denser brownie. The milk chocolate ganache and white chocolate buttercream are both very sweet and creamy and finish off the cake wonderfully.

Overall, this is a stunning cake from M&S, in both looks and taste and I highly recommend it as a real treat for chocolate lovers!

Grocery Gems Verdict: M&S Triple Chocolate Brownie Cake

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per serving): 320 calories. 
Vegetarian: Suitable for vegetarians.
Purchased: M&S.
Price: £3.75p (525g cake).


  1. Oh, it looks and sounds fantastic...

  2. Wow! That looks fantabulous. The only thing, when I recently made a visit to Marks and this cake was £5?!
    Looks worth it though!
    Mary xx


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