26 Sept 2012

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Mint Bubbly

Cadbury's have been on a bit of a Dairy Milk bender recently with the release of the new Toffee Popcorn and Golden Biscuit varieties, not to mention the three new Olympic themed bars before that. Yesterday they announced another new Dairy Milk bar; the Mint Bubbly, but let's face it a new Dairy Milk bar is always a source of great excitement.

A Cadbury's Mint Bubbly has already been produced before as part of an Australian only range. This had quite a lurid green aerated filling akin to an Aero Mint. This new incarnation of the Dairy Milk Mint Bubbly looks much more sophisticated and tempting. Gone is the off putting bright green filling. Instead there is a layer of mint creme which mainly resides inside the top bubbles. The aerated chocolate below looks much better with it's brown colouring, rather than green, reflecting the fact that the actual chocolate is not mint flavoured. The mint flavour is all in the cream layer.

I have a love/hate relationships with mint chocolate bars. I used to love the Aero Mint when I was at University, I swear I used to live on the things. Not the greatest diet in the world for cerebral health. Then I just went off them and my tastebuds completely changed. As I've got older my tastes have veered more towards coconut and vanilla flavours. Well, the Dairy Milk Mint Bubbly has put me firmly back on the mint wagon. The flavour builds up so perfectly, it's a wonderful chocolate experience.

Firstly and unexpectedly it's not the mint flavour that I could taste first; it's the creamy Dairy Milk Bubbly chocolate which is very light and just melted in the mouth. Only after the smooth chocolate taste did I taste a mild mint flavour which then built up to a peppermint crescendo. Every mouthful was the same; rich chocolate taste, then creamy mint taste, then finally peppermint taste. It leaves such a refreshing flavour and feeling in the mouth that it kept me going back for more. This is undoubtedly because of the way this chocolate bar has been layered. The aerated chocolate at the bottom melts first giving you the wonderful chocolate taste, whilst the mint layer takes a bit longer to break down but dominates in the end.

I don't think I've tried any of the other Dairy Milk Bubbly bars yet. I could be wrong though. I'm getting to the point where I'm having to search my own blog as the only way to know for sure if I have already tried a particular product. I'll definitely be seeking out the other Dairy Milk Bubbly bars, I'm hooked!

I bought the Dairy Milk Mint Bubbly yesterday from Sainsbury's for £1.39. Then today I saw them piled up high in Poundland... so I bought another one.

Any thoughts on the new Dairy Milk Mint Bubbly?

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  1. As a fan of the regular Dairy Milk Bubbly I will be keeping my eye out for these!

  2. @PC - Give it a try, it's very tasty. Are you a fan of mint chocolate too?

  3. Ha ha - "Dairy Milk bender" I love that! Yeah there has been a whole raft of them recently, I'm not complaining either. I haven't tried this mint version yet, and am often put off buying mint versions of things because I can't store them near my other chocs cos of 'flavour contamination' lol

    However, I'm interested to read that you didn't think this was a mint overkill and something more subtle after a Dairy Milk hit. That appeals to me... Now just to get down to Poundland...

  4. I bought the mint dairy milk bubbly bar today only because of the way you described it, but I have to say, I hated it. As you say, at first you taste the chocolate, and you think, this is quite nice. And then that mint taste comes - uuugh, it's really bitter and horrible - and I say this as someone who loves mint chocolate - mint aeros, after eights etc. But this was nasty! It tasted like a mad scientist had put something horrible into it. It wasn't just that the mint was too strong, but it tasted off and really horrible. I tried to eat around the mint chocolate, but this was tricky and annoying. Definitely don't intend to buy this sagin.


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