6 Sept 2012

Dishmatic Brush & Eco-Force Products

When I was asked if I would like to review the new Dishmatic cleaning brush I was more than happy to oblige. It's not all chocolate and crisps here at Grocery Gems towers you know!

I have to admit I am far too reliant on my dishwasher. I've got into the terrible habit of chucking everything in the dishwasher rather than wash it by hand, even if it is hardly dirty. The worst part are the dishes piling up on the side of the sink waiting for the dishwasher to finish or be emptied. In my defense this is because, like many people, the skin on my hands gets extremely dry after washing up. Also, and more superficially, I love my nails and I hate my application of nail varnish getting ruined by contact with washing up sponges!

Since becoming the proud owner of a new Dishmatic brush and classic Dishmatic sponge I have stopped all these bad habits. If only I had known it would be this simple! Not only is the Dishmatic incredibly easy and efficent to use it also saves my hands and nails from contact with the brush or scourer - perfect!

The Dishmatic couldn't have been easier to use. I simply filled the hollow handle with washing up liquid and I was ready to go. The handle dispenses the liquid as you clean. It's a great money saving tool as well because it makes the washing up liquid last much longer. It dispenses just enough to clean to dishes without any waste.

Once the sponges get worn out or grubby they can be easily replaced. There are replacement refills available in a variety of scourer types; non-scratch (white), heavy-duty (green) and extra-heavy duty (black). One for every level of burnt on food!

New to the range is the Dishmatic brush. The brush works the same way as the classic Dishmatic but has tough and sturdy bristles which are great for scrubbing those hard to reach spots. I used to have a washing up brush when I had baby bottles to clean and I forgot how useful they are. The Dishmatic version is even easier to use because you don't need to keep stopping to add washing up liquid to your brush, it is automatically dispensed from the handle as you go.

The Dishmatic brush is available at Waitrose, Asda, Dunhelm Mill and online for the RSP of £1.99. I've also seen the classic Dishmatic (with sponge) for the bargain price of £1.40 in my local Tesco.

I was also lucky enough to be sent a range of Eco-Force products to try, from the same makers of the Dishmatic - Easy Do. As you would expect these Eco-Force products are mostly made from recycled materials with as little carbon footprint as possible. I often buy my cleaning products, sponges and cloths, from pound shops without much thought about where they come from. Since I have to use cleaning products every day it makes sense to switch to more environmentally friendly and sustainable versions. They are more economical in the long run as they are much higher quality goods and therefore last longer.

The bag clips in particular have become an essential product. They are great for keeping my ever growing pile of half-opened crisps and chocolates nice and fresh. They have a strong grip and work on large or small bags. Perfect for all those "resealable" and "reclosable" packs that don't actually reseal or reclose. The bag clips are a bargain for only £1.25 especially since they can save on food waste.

Easy Do products can be found in Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Asda, Tesco, Dunhelm Mill, and online. You can also follow Dishmatic on Facebook and on Twitter.


  1. Looks a great range, I remember years ago having one of those sponges you put washing up liquid in, it was brilliant :-)

  2. Hi Over a Cuppa,
    It's quite sad how excited I got about this sponge! It is fantastic. My 8 year old son is now interested in doing the washing up which can only be a good thing! :)

  3. This is an excellent idea. My son is a student who's flat is littered with dirty dishes. He does not like to wash them because they are "gross". I'll buy him the dishmatic so he doesn't have to touch the dishes. Perhaps then I'll get a clean cup for tea when I visit!

  4. Just received a whole load of similar goodies
    Look out for my review soon

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