11 Sept 2012

Milka Choco-Swing Chocolate bar

I've recently discovered the joys of Milka chocolate, mainly due to the delicious new Milka & Oreo bar. I love most chocolates with a "cookie" theme so this was a dream bar for me. Whilst on holiday in Portugal I was very happy to discover a whole new world of Milka chocolates. They really do have a huge range of Milka products available. There were Milka biscuits, snack packs and of course chocolate bars. Check out the "Milka" search on the online grocery page of the Portuguese supermarket Jumbo. Is it weird that I like to peruse the online aisles of foreign supermarkets?

One of the most intriguing was this Milka Choco-Swing. Even though it is a biscuit based chocolate it contains a very European type of biscuit rather than the usual "cookie" ingredient. The biscuit (or bolacha) used here is very similar to a Maria biscuit. If you've never had a Maria biscuit before they are basically the Rich Tea biscuit of Spain & Portugal. You can find mega multipacks of Maria biscuits in most pound shops. They are good for dipping in tea and for making an awesome no-bake biscuit cake called Bolo de Bolacha.

My photos of the Milka Choco-Swing bar look a bit grey. I had to keep the choc in the fridge due to the soaring temperatures in Portugal. I've already had too many chocolate melting accidents in my time so I wasn't taking any chances!

The inner filling of the Choco-Swing is literally made up of a whole layer of biscuit with a layer of vanilla cream on top. You can see the layer of biscuit in the photo below.

Because the chocolate bar has entire biscuits in it, not just biscuit pieces, the bar felt more like a chocolate covered biscuit rather than a chocolate bar with biscuits in it. The two layers, biscuit versus chocolate, were somewhat separate. It was possible to eat off the chocolate and be left with an almost intact separate biscuit!

Even though the layering of this bar was unexpected it was still a delicious product. As chocolate covered biscuits go it was fantastic. The biscuit is a fairly plain and dry rich tea type of affair but it is offset perfectly against the super sweet vanilla cream layer and thick milk chocolate. I had to bring a few bars of this home and I'm afraid to say they are all gone already. I wish I had filled up my suitcase a bit more!

What's your favourite ever Milka purchase?


  1. That looks really cool- bit of an odd name though! Is it just me or does the bar look really, really thick?!

    Best Milka thing i've come across was in Germany- a Milka birthday cake: http://www.milka.de/milka2/page?locale=dede1&PagecRef=616&pid=1603&cid=632

    Their caramel bar over here is nice too.

  2. Milka + Birthday cake = pure awesomeness

  3. You are not the only one who likes looking round foreign super markets! Also Jumbo sells Noisette Milka!!


  4. Aaaargh that must be where I saw the Noisette Milka then Hannah! I need another holiday to Portugal lol!

    1. That is a great excuse for a holiday, it's for the blog!

  5. I remember trying this one a little more than 4 years ago. I thought it was nice, but not amazing. I'm not a fan of the taste of the Alpine Milk chocolate that Milka use for most of their products. I like its texture, but I find the taste to be too sweet, too hazelnutty and too milky. That's why my favourite Milka products are those using the extra cocoa chocolate (plain extra cocoa bar or marzipan bar) or those that have a filling which compensates for the taste of the Alpine Milk chocolate (like some of the Amavel bars).

  6. Hi Ana,
    Thanks for your comment. I have to admit I have a very sweet tooth so I do like the Milka milk chocolate. I can completely see why it wouldn't be to everyone's taste. The marzipan bar sounds very interesting, I will have to see if I can find that one. Is it available in the UK?

  7. Hi Katherine,

    Have you had any success finding chocoswing bars in the US? These were my absolute favorite (and not to mention downfall) while studying abroad and I haven't found anything remotely close in the US. Thanks!


    1. Hi Emma,

      I'm sorry I can't help with that one, as I'm in the UK. I've never seen this choc for sale in the UK either so you're not alone in the US!

      I did recently find a new Milka chocolate simply called Milka Biscuit which looked a bit similar to this (I'll be reviewing it soon). I found it in a East European specialist grocery store near me. Do you have anything like that near you?

      Thanks for the comment! Katherine

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