7 Sept 2012

Limited Edition White Chocolate Twix

I apologise if the title of this post gets anyone excited about a UK white chocolate Twix. I actually bought this while on holiday in Portugal a few weeks ago. It was widely available in all the supermarkets there. In hindsight wish I had bought a few more of these bars to bring home. It's strange to me that these are so widely available in Europe but haven't been able to cross the channel.

I liked the look of this white chocolate Twix, it has a very pale creamy colour that seemed to be calling me to take a bite. Inside everything is the same as the classic milk chocolate Twix. The white chocolate is nicely creamy and sweet, quite basic but satisfying.

Whether you enjoy this bar or not is dependent on the level of sweet tooth you have. I thought the biscuit and caramel tasted great with the addition of white chocolate. The flavours all compliment each other very well. My children unsurprisingly loved the extra sweetness of the white chocolate. My husband on the other hand thought it was way too sweet and didn't like it at all. I'm sure there used to be a white chocolate Twix in the UK a few years ago so come on Twix bring these back to the UK!

Which chocolate bars do you wish had white chocolate versions?


  1. Cool! Never seen a White Twix before; chances are it would be too sweet for me personally, but I'l definitely buy one if I ever find it on sale.

    I wanna see a white chocolate Drifter myself. Just a pipe dream though sadly!

  2. I'd like to see a white chocolate Mars or Snickers actually. I don't think they have ever been done before?

    As for white Twix, I used to love them when they were available in the UK. I've seen a few imports in discount stores since then but they never last for long.

    1. Please please bring them back! I became allergic to milk chocolate a few years ago after cutting it from my diet, it stopped the migraines but I get one the moment I eat any - the smell also makes me feel nauseous sadly. However I can eat white chocolate and have been dreaming of white twix because I miss that bar so much. You would make me very very happy

  3. @SnackReview - ooh white Drifter sounds like an excellent idea!

  4. I like the way you both think! A white chocolate Drifter would be my pick too. My hubby said Snickers too, I'm surprised they haven't made that already!

  5. Found white twixes in a discount store today - 3 for £1! :)

  6. PC - That's so awesome!

    I was going to say in my post that if these are widely available in Europe then hopefully they will hit the discount stores but then I thought - nah won't happen. Guess I was wrong!

    Was it 99p store or Poundland? I want to get some more :)

  7. White chocolate peanut M&Ms gets my vote!

  8. @GroceryGems - it wasn't either of those stores unfortunately, it was just a local store up my high street. Let's hope some other stores get them in soon :)

  9. Flipmode - genius!I think they have done white chocolate M&Ms in the US but I'm not sure about peanut ones.

    PC - Thanks! My friend swore she saw them in 99p store but I still haven't found them in the UK. Luckily my brother is off to Portugal in a few weeks and he's under instructions to bring me a supply back!


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