3 Sept 2012

Walkers Deep Ridged Crisps

There are many different types of ridged crisps already available on the market, the main ones of course being McCoys. These Walkers Deep Ridges caught my eye with their sheer colossal size and awesome packaging. The massive crisp on the front of the pack is shown against a real mountain range, looking every bit as rugged and ridged. I have the sneaky suspicion that these crisps are aimed at men, the pack screams "Ridges Twice as Deep", "Bold Flavour" and "For Epic Satisfaction". Just put on a gingham shirt, grab an axe and say "I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok" then you'll be ready to eat these bad boys. I'm surprised they don't also guarantee to put hairs on your chest!

I suppose I have become quite cynical to advertising claims nowadays but these crisps really did live up to the image on the packet. Each crisp has a fantastic shape with deep zig zags. There were very few broken or damaged crisps and the bag was filled to capacity, something I rarely see these days (although this was with the large grab bags rather than the smaller multipack bags).

I bought three flavours; Flame Grilled Steak, Mature Cheddar & Onion and Salt & Malt Vinegar. These are not original or exciting flavours and bear more than a passing resemblance to the main McCoys flavours of ridged crisps.

I'll describe the flavours briefly because Walkers hasn't exactly reinvented the wheel with their choices. The Flame Grilled Steak was easily my favourite. It is meaty and smokey with a delicious herb flavour. The Mature Cheddar & Onion are very strongly flavoured unlike the regular Walkers Cheese & Onion which are quite sweet. These are much more similar to McCoys Cheddar & Onion flavour but even stronger in taste and less salty. It's the kind of cheesy crisp flavouring that will linger on your breath and your fingers, so keep some mints and wet wipes handy! The Salt & Malt Vinegar have an extreme vinegar kick but also a lovely sweetness at the same time. Again, they are not overly salty but are still packed full of flavour.

Overall the best aspect of these crisps is the texture. Whilst most ridged crisps are quite hard and crunchy to bite these Deep Ridged Crisps are not as thick or tough. They taste like crisps rather than planks of wood. This makes them much nicer to eat than McCoys and a great addition to the Walkers brand. They also contain no MSG unlike McCoys. Each 50g pack contains a massive 256 calories so you'll need some man-sized dungarees to wear after eating these. Apparently you can also get them in 25g and 70g packs but I haven't seen those for sale yet.


  1. Hi Katherine,

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog and commenting. :)

    These crisps do look good, I have to say. I used to be a fan of Mccoys but have gone off the recently - I will try these.


  2. I've been searching for these since reading your review (I used to love eating McCoys, so these sounded right up my street). Sadly they all have milk in them. A lot of crisps have started doing this... Very annoying! :(

  3. Hi Flipmode,
    That's so annoying! Especially since the Flame Grilled Steak flavour is actually vegetarian. I'm sure they could leave the whey powder out too!
    They are delicious though...

  4. LOVE the Mature Cheese and Onion crisps. At last no MSG, nor other nasties. A bit of paprika and nice real ingredients and a great satisfying crunch in every bite. Yum. I'm sure with this success Walkers will bring a vegan one soon to the market.

    1. They are very yummy! The Steak ones are still my favourite but the Mature Cheese is a close second :)

      I hope you are right about Walkers adding to the range and bringing some more flavours, that would be fantastic!

  5. I think these leave an odd aftertaste in the mouth.


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