20 Sept 2012

Thomas & Friends Ice Cream Engines

If you have any little Thomas fans at home then they will absolutely adore these Thomas Ice Cream Engines. The raspberry and vanilla flavoured ice cream lollies are shaped to look like a silhouette of Thomas the Tank Engine. I bought them for £1 for a pack of 6 lollies in Asda. Even though my kids are getting a bit too old to be interested in Thomas they were still excited to try these.

The Thomas lollies don't look quite as good out of the wrapper as they do on the box. The ice lollies were all a bit squashed at the front. Despite this they were still bright enough and cute enough to satisfy my kids. The ice cream taste is quite a basic vanilla, very sweet and not too creamy. The raspberry blue bits have a vague fruitiness about them. It's quite hard to distinguish the flavours between the two colours. Bigger kids might be disappointed if they think the blue colouring will equal a bubblegum flavouring but the subtle flavours are more suitable for little kids. Overall they are a great value lolly that is a fun product too.

There are also cute Hello Kitty and Peppa Pig ice lollies available in the same range.

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