5 Sept 2012

Milka Strawberry Yogurt

I'm quite new to the brand Milka. I know it's been around for ages but it's just not one of those brands that I would automatically look out for. A local Asian grocery shop, which is optimistically called "International Supermarket", stocks lots of Milka bars in unusual flavours for the bargain price of £1 each. I had seen this Strawberry Yogurt variety there for a while before I finally thought 'I need to buy that'.

Straight out of the pack this looked like a fairly ordinary Milka bar. The Strawberry smell was already evident as soon as I peeled back the wrapper. I was expecting this to have quite a  pink colour on the inside. It's not an idea I plucked out of thin air, the picture on the packaging shows a lovely bright pink layer in the middle of the chocolate.

Visually the inner layer was quite disappointing, the filling is a pale cream colour with little pink flecks in it.

The photo above is a bit blurry but the colour is true to life. If you look closely you can just about see a few pink bits. The whole layer was also a bit thinner than I thought it would be. I suppose the whole look does fit in with the idea of a strawberry yogurt, creamy with strawberry bits in it, but the packaging should have reflected that a bit better.

The taste however is not disappointing. If you want strawberry yogurt in a chocolate then that's exactly what you get with Milka. The creamy layer has that slightly tart taste that you get with yogurt whilst still being extremely sweet. The strawberry flavour is strong in the cream layer itself but also in the little pink coloured flecks which have a strong strawberry taste. They seem to be made of little strawberry pieces that are almost crispy in texture. They are extremely small but they do give the bar a slight crunch.

Just like the Aero Boci Strawberry this bar divided opinions between my husband and myself. He took one bite and just said "no". He had a slight look of nausea on his face and for a second I thought he might spit it out. It's just not his thing at all. Is it more of a girly chocolate? I certainly enjoyed it and found it very tasty if a little too sweet. Strawberry is not my favourite flavour for a chocolate bar but it's nicely different and great for a one off.

I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye out for more Milka products in the future. Let me know if you have any recommendations of good Milka flavours to try!


  1. What a co-incidence that this review was posted today...I just ate a raspberry Milka bar that I found in a local Polish shop :)
    It's basically got a milk cream filling with some fake-tasting raspberry sauce on top, and isn't very nice. Far too sweet.
    I wonder if your strawberry yoghurt bar was similar.

    What other flavours did they have in that shop?

  2. That's a great find, I've never seen the raspberry Milka bar. Doesn't sound too tasty though!

    The shop has a fair selection of Milka but the others are all widely available; Caramel Cream, Happy Cows (milk and white chocolate) and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut.

    I've got another Milka review coming up of the Milka Choco-Swing bar which I bought in Portugal. It has a layer of biscuits and was extremely tasty!


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