6 Sept 2012

Spotted New Cadbury's Dairy Milk Toffee Popcorn & Golden Biscuit Crunch

Cadbury's have announced two new Dairy Milk varieties: Toffee Popcorn and Golden Biscuit Crunch. 

I saw actually saw these in my local WHSmith at the weekend but as I'm not the hugest fan of toffee popcorn I decided to give it a miss. I didn't like the recent Choc Full of Popcorn at all. These new bars look interesting though and I can't wait to try the Golden Biscuit Crunch.

Head towards your nearest WHSmith if you want to get your hands on these new bars before anyone else!


  1. I know where I will be going tomorrow! Thanks Katherine!

  2. You're welcome Hannah. I hope you manage to find it and I look forward to your review as always :)

  3. its nice, tofee barely tasted i liked it, I preferred the golden biscuit of the two but loved both, dairy milk is best chocolate, I used to love the shortcake one but they stopped it and crunchie.


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