25 Sept 2012

The Gobstopper Boys Party Box - Retro Sweets Gift

When the lovely people at The Gobstopper online sweetshop offered to send me the sweets of my choice to review I was literally like a kid in a sweet shop, except that it was online and I'm not a kid! Faced with so much choice of yummy goodies I was overcome with indecision. There are so many delicious categories to choose from on their website! In the end The Gobstopper kindly decided to send me this Boy's Party Box which, much to my children's delight, arrived on a Saturday morning.

The delivery came extremely well wrapped with a distinctive retro feel to all of the packaging. The Boy's Party Box comes in a corrugated cardboard box (pictured above) decorated with the Gobstoppers logo. The box is hand packed using lots of wood wool padding to keep the sweets and inner box safe. The outer postal box even had The Gobstopper logo tape and stamp on it. It all looks very nostalgic and guaranteed to make the recipient squeal with delight when the postman arrives!

There was a great selection of sweets inside the Boy's Party Box including two different and generously sized bags of pick n mix sweets (one with fizzy snacks and the other with jelly teddies and fried eggs), a large whirligig lolly, four Vimto lollipops, cola Fizz Wiz, refresher sweets, Rainbow Drops and a Swizzels Matlow Whistle.

It's a fantastic selection and great value for £5.99, especially since there is FREE delivery on all orders from The Gobstoppers at the moment. These are great for any last minute gift or as a present for someone who is difficult to buy for - everybody loves sweets! Even though this is labelled as a boys box I think it would be good for adults too. There is also a Girls Party Box (which if my husband is reading this - I want it!) that has super cute girly selections such as candy necklaces, Loveheart lipstick, Mini Lovehearts, Friendship rings,  Jazzies, Snowies and more. There are also filled Party Bags which are only £2.50 each.

Did my kids enjoy this box? Seriously what do you think? They loved it! It made their day just opening the box and rooting around inside knowing that it was filled with sweets. There is something for all tastes, sour or sweet, fizzy or jelly. My youngest son loved the Rainbow Drops and Whistle whilst my eldest loved all the fizzy sweets and Fizz Wiz cola!

Check out The Gobstoppers website for other great gift ideas. The large Big Brown gift box looks especially fabulous. For chocolate lovers there are plenty of chocolate selections too and even Peanut Butter M&M's for £1.40. It's definitely a good time to take advantage of the free delivery offer!

You can also Follow Gobstoppers on twitter @The_Gobstopper or connect via Facebook

Leave a comment below, I'd especially love to know what your favourite retro sweet is!


  1. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but the packaging really sets this product apart from it's competitors. Really love it. Looks like it would make a lovely gift. Another great review!

  2. Hi GroceryGems, I wanted to order some sweets from Gobstoppers and take advantage of the free delivery and give the sweets as Christmas presents. Do the sweets have a long "best before" date? Thanks.

  3. Hi Katherine: Thanks for your kind words, an absolute pleasure to hearing from you.

    Hope I can help with the question above, if you have any concern regarding the "best before" date, the best way to find it out is to either drop us an email or tweet us with the particular sweets you'd like to order, we can then check it out for you. Because each product has different "best before" date.

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