19 Sept 2012

Mr Men Yogurts: Mr Happy & Mr Bump

I've mentioned many times that I love the Mr. Men range of children's food products in Tesco. Here we have another new addition, Mr. Bump Vanilla Yogurt with Chocolate Rocks and Mr. Happy Vanilla Yogurt with Chocolate Beans.

One of the reasons I love this range is because of it's bright packaging and the thoughtfulness of the designs. Kids will love the fact that the chocolates featured in the yogurt have been incorporated into the Mr. Men picture on the front of the pack. Mr. Bump is seen injuring himself with a falling chocolate rock, whilst the ever jovial Mr. Happy is seen merrily juggling with the chocolate beans.

Importantly these products also taste very good. My kids prefer vanilla yogurt rather than fruity flavours so these have become a firm favourite with them. The yogurt has a lovely creamy flavour that kids will enjoy and added vanilla flavour enhances the sweetness.

I haven't bought my kids many yogurts with chocolate portions before. They don't really like mixing the chocolate in with the yogurt. Like many kids they like to keep different food groups separate! However with these they seemed quite happy to dip the chocolate into the yogurt. The chocolate pieces actually taste quite nice on there own. I thought they might be quite cheap tasting for the price but it's actually decent chocolate. The Chocolate Beans are basically mini smarties while the Chocolate Rocks are actually little biscuit pieces covered in chocolate.

These yogurts are currently on offer for 50p for a twin pack. This is excellent value for yogurts of this type and I have stocked up on quite a few!

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