15 Sept 2012

Limited Edition Coconut Collection by Yankee Candle

Calling all coconut fans! I don't often post about candles, they are not strictly a grocery item after all, but I couldn't resist a quick post about this new limited edition Coconut Collection from Yankee Candle.

Featuring five gorgeous coconut blends, there is surely something for every coconut fan: Coconut & Beach Flowers, Coconut & Lime, Coconut & Sea Air, Coconut & Mandarin and Coconut & Vanilla Bean. I've been waiting for a decent coconut candle for ages and since I love the Yankee Candle brand these will certainly not disappoint. They have quite stark and sleek packaging. Quite different from the usual chintzy Yankee Candle labels and designs.

Prices start at £7.99 for the tea lights and go up to £22.75 for the large tumblers. I'm going straight for N.5; Coconut & Vanilla Bean. Which one would you go for?

UPDATE: I have since bought the No. 5 Coconut & Vanilla Bean online and I was extremely disappointed with the fragrance. I was hoping it would smell like Coconut Bay but with added vanilla sweetness. Instead the scent reminds me of a Pineapple & Cilantro candle I had a few years ago. It smells fruity, herby and quite musky rather than being a true coconut scent. My search for the perfect coconut candle continues!


  1. Hi Katherine
    I would pick Coconut and Vanilla Bean too! I've never really been in to candles but I do know the Yankee brand and these new labels look rather classy compared to the normal ones. I might give one of these a go as being able to smell coconut all the time would be heavenly!
    Now if I could just find a decent coconut perfume...any suggestions?

  2. Hi Hannah,

    Coconut perfume is something I am always on the lookout for! I have only managed to find a couple from the cheaper ranges of perfume.

    Gwen Stefani's "Harajuku Lovers G" has a lovely coconut scent. I always have a bottle of this, even though it's aimed at teenagers, it's very sweet and girly!

    Avon also has a more grown up coconut scent called "Tahitian Holiday". I'll admit to buying this on occasion, it smells a bit like coconut suntan lotion!

    The new Body Shop range (that I first saw on your blog) has a nice Coconut Body Mist - but it's not a perfume and doesn't last very long.

    In fact none of them have much staying power. I'm still waiting for the perfect coconut scent. Sorry for the long reply!


  3. I tried Tahitian Holiday from Avon in a body mist form but wasn't keen so it put me off buying the perfume. I may have to give the Gwen Stefani one a go though so thanks for the suggestion!

    I have also just remembered one I used to love is JLo Miami Glow, it's quite hard to get hold of now but that smells really sweet and coconuty. Have you tried that?

    It's so funny that there are other people as obsessed with coconut as I am!


  4. The Gwen Stefani one is a lot sweeter so you may prefer that one, definitely give it a try! The Avon one is a bit muskier so I can see why it wouldn't appeal.

    I used to love the JLO Miami Glow too! Haven't seen that for ages though.

    I even bought a Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion fragrance once (it's on Amazon). It's described as coconut and vanilla so I had high hopes. Unfortunately it doesn't smell of coconut at all!

    I'll let you know if I ever find a decent coconut scent, we coconut addicts have to stick together!

    Katherine :)

  5. Just bought myself a little bottle of the Gwen Stefani one, I will let you know what I think when it arrives!

    Thanks again!

  6. I really hope you like it Hannah. If not at least it's a cute bottle! I bought myself the "Super G" from the same range recently and it's a bit more tropically smelling, still nice though.

    Let me know how it goes :)


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