8 Sept 2012

Jimmy's Gingerbread Iced Coffee

Well it's never too early to start thinking about Gingerbread coffee. I always look forward to the onset of autumn just so I can enjoy all the spicy coffee variations out there. Iced coffee is such a refreshing pick me up and I'm always glad to see new varieties available to buy. This new limited edition Gingerbread Iced Coffee from Jimmy's looks like it will be taking this coffee treat to a whole new level and I'll definitely be trying it out.

I'm hooked just by looking at the packaging, which is absolutely adorable. The carton looks just like a gingerbread house complete with sweeties and icing sugar details! It's so bright and cheery. The only problem I'm going to have is keeping this away from my kids, I'm sure they will want to give it a try!

Jimmy's Iced Coffee is available at Waitrose, Ocado, Welcome Break petrol stations and selected local stores. The new Gingerbread Iced Coffee should be available from October with a launch in Selfridges. Let me know if you spot it because I can't wait to try some.

It contains natural gingerbread flavour, along with ethically sourced coffee and British milk and has 148 calories which is not bad for such a delicious sounding drink. Prices start from £1.79 for a 330ml carton.

Check availability near you on the Jimmy's Iced Coffee website.

You can also follow Jimmy's Iced Coffee on Twitter


  1. Ooh that sounds lovely. I like iced coffee but not tried favoured ones. I'm a ginger freak though.

  2. I always get my iced coffee with vanilla... I have a sweet tooth!


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