17 Sept 2012

Dip Dab Ice Lollies

I first heard about these earlier this year but I hadn't actually spotted any to buy until this weekend. I picked up this pack of 8 lollies from Asda (no prizes for guessing how much) for £1. My kids are quite big fans of the original Dip Dab sweets, they always choose them if they are allowed free reign in a sweet shop. If you have been living on Mars, or are too young to know any better, Dip Dabs are a retro sweet which consists of little pouches of sherbet with a strawberry flavour lolly to dip into it.

The Dip Dab ice lollies were much bigger then I thought they would be, almost twice as long as a Mini Milk. The colours were not as bright or distinct as they appear on the packaging. The white and red layers blend together to form a pinkish ice lolly, that doesn't look particularly appetising. They look even worse in the photo below. Although that wasn't even the first thing I noticed when I opened the wrapper. There was such a strong strawberry smell coming from these that everyone in my vicinity knew I was eating one. It's a very sweet and enticing smell. I'm quite surprised that these lollies use "all natural colours and flavourings", as claimed on the box, because I should think mother nature would need a helping hand to create such a smell.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the taste, I'm afraid I couldn't give these a proper testing, they were far too sour for me. I know I have quite a sweet tooth but I still wasn't expecting to find the taste so sour. This lolly had me pulling a face like a baby sucking a lemon - not pleasant. In total contrast my two boys were happily eating the lollies as if they were the sweetest treat ever. In fact I doubt they are that sour at all, I'm obviously just a complete wimp when it comes to sourness! The flavours are essentially a lemon sherbet on the outside (sour!) and a sweet strawberry for the rest of the lolly. It's quite a nice idea but I'm not sure about the execution.

I probably won't be buying these again but they were a fun, if somewhat basic, treat which my kids enjoyed. They are only 44 calories a lolly which is excellent for the size. I'd like to see more classic sweets brought to ice lolly form. My vote is for a fizzy cola bottle ice lolly!

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    1. Thanks for this! I've updated now... I was either posting when half asleep or I need to hire a proof reader! :)


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