4 Feb 2013

7 DAYS TO GO Chocolate Countdown Calendar Review

I was delighted to be asked to try one of these fantastic chocolate countdown calendars - I think they are such a brilliant idea! Everyone loves advent calendars at Christmas (I know I do!) and the 7 DAYS TO GO calendars offer the same exciting chocolate countdown, but for different celebrations - such as birthdays, a holiday, a new baby, or even a wedding day.

I was sent the standard birthday calendar which features a fun cake and birthday present design. The calendar came in the post and is slightly larger in size than an average greetings card. There are lots of different birthday designs available on the website, so you can choose for girls or boys and even some more "grown up" designs too. They can all be personalised, which obviously adds an extra special touch. I know my kids would love a birthday countdown calendar with their own name on it!

There are seven doors to open and behind each one there is a gold wrapped chocolate.

The chocolates are a good size; to give you some sense of scale they are slightly larger than a 50 pence piece.

The chocolate is described as "high quality Swiss chocolate" and it certainly has a smooth creamy and sweet flavour. It's much tastier than the average advent calendar chocolate and I like the fact that each one is individually wrapped in foil. Although, let's face it, chocolate calendars are not so much about the enjoyment of the chocolate but much more about the excitement of getting up each day and looking forward to the event in question!

 There are lots of different calendars to choose from. I also like this "with love" countdown!

You can see the full range available on the 7 DAYS TO GO website. The standard birthday calendar costs £3.99 and a personalised calendar costs £5.99 (both prices include postage). The calendars are also available at most Toys R Us stores for £2.99. I think they are very good value. They are comparable to the price of an average greeting card, but with the added bonus of chocolate!

What do you think of these new 7 DAYS TO GO chocolate countdown calendars?


  1. What a brilliant idea! I'm surprised no ones thought of it before.

    1. That's exactly what I thought when I first heard about them. I know I'll be buying them for every family birthday from now on!

  2. Really nice idea :) But I wish some more with longer time to count down :)


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