19 Feb 2013

CyberCandy Takeout Box (Valentines Lovemix Version)

I recently blogged about the awesome US version CyberCandy Takeout Box and I mentioned that I had won a Valentines version in a Facebook competition - well look what arrived over the weekend! A gorgeous takeout style box filled with Valentines themed sweets - and it even comes with a pair of heart print chopsticks. Last time I gave the box a 10 out of 10 for the design alone and even though it's mathematically impossible, I want to rate this box even higher just because of the super cute chopsticks!

Seriously - just how cute is this box? I think I'm in love!

The CyberCandy Takeout Box is a really adorable idea, it's been modelled on American style Chinese takeout boxes, complete with little wire handles and lots of bright images printed on the outside (that look like they really do belong on a Chinese take out box).

Dig straight in and practise those chopstick skills!! Once again the inside of the box is crammed full of sweets but this time they are all "love" themed. There is a great mix of alphabets, rings, and white chocolate jazzies - and of course lots of hearts and kisses!

I much prefer the sweets in this selection to the US version I had last time, they are all enjoyable to eat and were a hit with my whole family.

Oh and did I mention how cute the whole thing is? Being filled with Valentines themed sweets makes the CyberCandy Takeout Box even more adorable! And yes I do realise just how many times I've used the words cute and adorable in this review!

Big Sister and Little Sister
The CyberCandy Takeout Box comes in three different versions - US candy, UK sweets and this Valentines Lovemix. There are also different sizes available - the Lovemix version comes in a smaller box, which is still a generous size and a good price too. I still have the larger box from my last purchase - there's no way I'm throwing these takeout boxes out!

Many thanks to CyberCandy for running this fab competition with such an awesome prize!

Grocery Gems Verdict: CyberCandy Takeout box (Valentines Lovemix)

RATING: 10 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Absolutely.
Purchased: Only available at CyberCandy.
Price: £2.69.


  1. Does your husbands name begin with 'J' by any chance?? hehehehe cute! x

  2. This is absolutely awesome! What a nice idea.

  3. Very very cute! Those chopsticks are definitely cute too! :D


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