18 Feb 2013

New Cranberry Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

I've reviewed lots of new breakfast biscuits since I started this blog but I've never actually reviewed the most established brand on the market: Belvita. I've enjoyed their breakfast biscuits many times and my husband is quite a fan of the Honey & Nuts variety. I was delighted to be asked to review this Cranberry version which has recently been added to the Belvita range.

The biscuits come in the usual format; each box has 6 individually sealed packs of four biscuits. Belvita Breakfast Biscuits are made with a combination of five wholegrains, (wholegrain oat flakes, wholegrain malted rye flakes, wholegrain spelt flour, wholegrain barley flour and wholegrain wheat flour) which help provide a slow energy release. They also have added vitamins and minerals and each biscuit has 55 calories.

I love the appearance of these biscuits, even though they have an oat pattern imprinted on the top, they are still very rustic looking with an appetising golden colouring. There are plenty of visible fruit pieces and a generous sprinkling of oats. The fruity cranberry smell is immediately evident from these biscuits, alongside an appetising wheaty biscuit aroma.

The biscuits have a great texture, crunchy but not too hard, and very slightly crumbly. The taste of the cranberries lives up to the promise of the initial scent - the sweet berry flavour is prevalent throughout the entire biscuit. There is a generous amount of dried cranberry pieces which add a lovely chewiness to the otherwise crunchy biscuits. The satisfying fruity flavour really sets these biscuits apart from other dried fruit breakfast biscuits on the market, they have more depth of flavour and are very moreish. I find four biscuits to be a very generous portion, I would usually eat two and save the rest for later. Whether you like eating these for breakfast, or as I do, as a mid morning snack, they're just perfect with a cup of tea or coffee!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Belvita Cranberry Breakfast Biscuits

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per biscuit): 55 calories. 1.0g protein, 8.4g carbohydrates, 2.4g sugar, 1.7g fat.
Purchased: Product was sent to me for an honest review.
Price: Available at most supermarkets for £2.45.


  1. Great review as ever. I really like these Cranberry Belvita, I do wish they were packaged in twos tho and not fours as sometimes I might eat two then when I want to eat the other two I find they have gone soft. Not good.

    1. Thank you Gozi! I'm glad you like these Cranberry Belvita too, they're my favourite from the range now. I agree with you about the four in a pack, I would prefer two aswell.

  2. I received a small packet (of 3 I think, from a box not a whole box more to the pity) with my Tesco delivery last week - it was the new 'yoghurt crunch' variety - two thin Belvita biscuits sandwiched between a creamy (but quite solid) yoghurt filling. They were nice but I don't think I would buy them as i'm more of a plain biscuit type! However, I was at Sainsburys petrol station earlier and the plain Belvita - milk & cereal and Honey & choc chip variety were on BOGOF at £2.50 so I bought one of each :)


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