10 Feb 2013

CyberCandy Takeout box (US Version)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! The Year of the Snake is now upon us and I hope you all have a wonderful year to come. I've been saving this review for today as it seems the perfect time! Isn't this Takeout Box from CyberCandy adorable? I absolutely love the look of it and I've been hankering after one for a while. It's been modelled very cleverly on American style Chinese takeaout boxes, the kind that here in the UK we only get to see in movies. Our takeaway boxes are mostly just foil containers, which are probably better for keeping the food hot, but don't look as cute!

This is not just any takeout box - this one is filled to the brim with sweets, or I should say candy. CyberCandy do a few versions of these; there is a UK Pick n Mix version, which has classic British sweets. My husband, knowing how much I've wanted one of these boxes, bought me the new US Pick n Mix Takeout Candy Box a few weeks ago. As a recipient of this Takeout Candy Box I can state categorically that they make an amazing gift!

Inside there is an inner bag which has been jam packed full of very colourful candy.

Of course I emptied out the bag into the takeout box. Did I mention that the box also comes with a pair of chopsticks? Well, it does, so there's only one way to eat them - dig in!

I have always wanted to try a candy corn. A little dream has now been fulfilled. I don't know what I expected them to taste of but they are very sweet and had a slight toffee flavour. I have to admit I didn't like some of these American sweets (although I'm sure there are much nicer US candies out there for me to try). Some of them pretty much just tasted of sugar and a few were actually quite horrible. It was fun trying this box as a one off but I would definitely stick to the UK pick n mix version in the future - I know where I stand with foam bananas and cola bottles!

The box is a mixture of wrapped and loose sweets. Here are some of the wrapped sweets inside the box; black taffy, Tootsie Roll, Brach's Jelly Nougats and, rather randomly, a candy cane.

This is a small selection of the loose sweets; chicken feet (awesome!), conversation hearts, candy corn and one lone banana (I would have liked a lot more of these).

Also just in time for Valentines Day there is a gorgeous heart themed Valentines Lovemix Takeout box. It comes with a selection of heart shaped sweets and even has a pair of heart design chopsticks. There are still a few days left to order one if you are stuck for Valentines ideas. And if that wasn't brilliant enough, whilst checking out CyberCandy on Facebook to get a few details for this review, I was lucky enough to win one of these Valentines boxes in the Slot Machine competition! Check it out and give it a go!

Grocery Gems Verdict: CyberCandy Takeout box (US version)

RATING: 10 out of 10 for the Takeout box idea itself (7 out of 10 for the US candies).
Buy them again?: I'll try the UK Pick n Mix version next time.
Nutrition: No idea but I'd hazard a guess at high on the sugar front!
Purchased: CyberCandy.
Price: £5.50.

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  1. This is so cute! I love the Takeout box! I have always wanted to try Candy Corn too but I keep forgetting to look for it when I go American sweet shopping.
    I love Tootsie rolls, they are so weird tasting but in a good way. Is that banana a hard candy thing? A Runt perhaps? If so, I love those things. The chicken feet freak me out though.


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