1 Jun 2012

Mr Kipling Great British Fancies

These are not French Fancies any longer, oh no, these are now British Fancies!  I'm pleased to see that it's not just a Union Jack slapped onto a regular box of French Fancies. These Special Edition British Fancies now come in red, white and blue in honour of Her Majesty... or some sporting event... or both. I'm not sure what makes the original Fancies 'French'. Wikipedia tells me it is because they originally resembled petit fours. But now the 'frenchness' has been cast asunder to make way for a Special Edition perfect for any Great British celebration.

I'll be honest and say that I haven't bought French Fancies for years. In fact I don't think my kids have ever had them before now. The 'Special Edition' label worked on me yet again to lure me into buying a new product. The taste is just as I remembered from my childhood; super sweet. So sweet they are like sugar, with sugar on top, wrapped in a sugar casing. The taste is too sweet for me and I won't be buying them again but visually these are great for a patriotic event.

I bought a box of 8 for £1.89 in Waitrose.

Leave a comment if you have tried these. What cakes are you buying or making for the Jubilee?

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  1. These are delicious! Can't stop buying them. I hope that Kipling follows through on my request to emblazon each cake with the face of one of our Great Brits! My six would be The Queen, Winston Churchill, Oliver Cromwell, Arthur "Bomber" Harris, Nigel Farage and Freddie Mercury.


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