2 Jun 2012

Haribo Gold Medals

Some people are gearing up for the Olympics by getting involved in sports or buying tickets for actual events. I like to do my patriotic duty by buying bags of sweets shaped like medals. On each Haribo Gold Medal sweet the Haribo bear is pretending to play different sports. He's playing tennis, basketball, swimming, and even boxing!

There are two types of sweets in this pack; 'fruit' flavour or 'fruit' flavour with a foam back. These are a new flavour for Haribo sweets optimistically called Mixed Fruit. I'm not going to bore you with talk of which different fruit flavours I can detect, especially since these don't contain real fruit of any sort. The flavour is quite simply a bubblegum flavour. My kids certainly thought they were bubblegum flavoured and would have eaten the whole packet in one go if I would let them.

They are as close to real 'mixed fruit' as the retro Fruit Salad sweets were to an actual 'fruit salad' i.e., not at all. Still, they are great fun and I'm sure many adults will be enjoying this as much as their kids.

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