8 Jun 2012

Aero Bubbly Bar Limited Edition Orange

Apparently the Aero Bubbly Bar Limited Edition Orange is only available for 12 weeks so if you like this then stock up! It has the same taste as the previously available Aero Orange bars. The difference with the Bubbly Bar range is the new design of the chocolate bar. It now features 10 snappable and bubble shaped segments of chocolate, making it easy to share and even easier to eat!

I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate orange as a flavour, I find the combination is often sickly sweet. I was pleased that the Aero Bubbly Bar is different, probably because of the light and airy texture of the chocolate. The orange taste is zesty and fruity but not too overpowering. I love the look of this bar, the colour is bright orange and the bubbles are very pronounced. It was still a bit too sweet for me and a few pieces go a long way to satisfying any sweet craving. 

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