14 Jun 2012

Tesco Southern Fried Chicken Pizza

What happens when you send your husband out to do the supermarket shopping? He comes back with a Southern Fried Chicken Pizza. Who knew that this lovechild between KFC and Pizza Hut even existed? It does have the magic word 'NEW!' in the corner so I decided to give it a try.

It is a medium sized pizza, about the size of a normal dinner plate and we got about 6 small slices from it. Great for two adults to share or for one very hungry adult but obviously not aimed at families. It looked OK out of the box, there was a surprisingly generous amount of vegetables on top; lots of sweetcorn and green peppers. Given that the box screams 'SOUTHERN FRIED' I was surprised to see any vegetables at all. Fried Chicken lovers may be disappointed at the amount of chicken on the pizza, there were about 7 bits of chicken in total.

The Pizza was quite tasty and it wasn't too salty or greasy. The base is thin crust and the dough was very fresh tasting. The chicken pieces were more like frozen crispy chicken slices rather than southern fried chicken, which was disappointing for the hubby. It only took 8 minutes to cook so it was a very quick meal to prepare. We had ours with garlic bread and salad. Even though it was a satisfactory meal I don't think we will be buying this pizza again.

So what I really want to know is what other fast food mash ups you would like to see? A hamburger crossed with a pizza? A fish 'n' chips burger perhaps?

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