21 Jun 2012

Rachel's Organic Strawberries & Cream Limited Edition Yogurt

I was recently lucky enough to have been sent some lovely yogurts from Rachel's Organic. I've blogged about their limited edition range before so I was extremely happy to try out their newest edition for an honest review.

Rachel's Organic are known for their high quality organic ingredients and delicious tasting dairy produce. Just in time for the start of Wimbledon on Monday they have released a gorgeous looking yogurt called Limited Edition Organic Strawberries & Cream. It comes in a large 450g pot which is very striking looking with it's royal blue colour and crown logo. This is a product which is proudly commemorating Britain's great summer of celebrations. The choice of Strawberries & Cream is a great way to showcase an iconic British dessert in a new and different way.

The yogurt tasted absolutely delicious, with generous chunks of sweet strawberries in a thick and creamy yogurt. The strawberry taste is dominant at first but then the cream flavour really comes through strongly at the end of each mouthful. This isn't just another creamy strawberry yogurt, it has an unmistakable taste of cream itself. No wonder because the ingredients are fantastically simple: organic yogurt, organic cream (9.3%), organic sugar, organic strawberries (6.7%) and natural flavouring.

Even though this yogurt is delicious on it's own or with some added fresh strawberries on the side, it is also a great ingredient for other desserts. I decided to give the Jubilee Cheesecakes a go from the Rachel's Organic website. I just used a few simple ingredients for the filling:
-200g soft cheese
-200g Rachel's Limited Edition Strawberries and Cream yogurt
-4 tbsp caster sugar
-few drops of vanilla extract

I mixed those together and then spread it over a base of crushed digestive biscuits. I then added some fresh strawberries and a few spoonfuls of strawberry jam (or compote) on top. The result was gorgeous desserts with minimal effort.

Everyone enjoyed these Jubilee cheesecakes, even my sometimes fussy children! I will certainly be making these again and it's given me the inspiration to try other flavour and fruit combinations. 

Here are some other yummy recipe ideas for this yogurt:

  • Strawberries & Cream SpongeSandwich together, and top, a light fluffy Victoria sponge with  layers of hulled, halved fresh strawberries and generous amounts of chilled Rachel's Strawberries & Cream yogurt.
  •  Eton Mess Chop a few fresh strawberries into Strawberries & Cream yogurt, blend in broken meringue, spoon into serving dishes, drizzle with strawberry coulis and a dusting of icing sugar. Served Chilled.
  • Traditional Cream Tea Dollop a spoonful of chilled Rachel's Strawberries & Cream yogurt on top of freshly warmed scones as a light but delectable alternative to clotted cream and jam
  • Strawberry Smoothie Take  half a pot of really chilled Strawberries & Cream Rachel's yogurt, add a small amount of milk and a few cubes of ice, blend until smooth, decorate with a sliced strawberry and a few mint leaves. 

Rachel’s new Limited Edition Strawberries & Cream yogurt is priced at £1.69 for a 450g pot and is available at major supermarkets. Have you tried this new yogurt? Let me know what you think!


  1. The dessert idea is great! I love Rachel's Yogurts and this is a great way to make a quick dessert while getting some your five a day!
    I'm gonna pick up the Strawberry and Cream one from my local Waitrose near work :)

  2. Great review! Loved the desert ideas! I'm going to give those a try!

  3. I bought this today and it was really creamy. I'll be eating this during Wimbledon cos its cheaper and tastier than buying a bunch of strawberries and pot of cream.


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