9 Jun 2012

Kellogg's Retro Jubilee Packaging and Rice Krispies Colour Me In boxes

Kellogg's have recently launched a great range of retro packaging for some of it's core cereals. Based on 1950's designs these boxes have been a novel way to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. It certainly stands out in the wave of Union Jack designs in the supermarkets.

 Retro Packs

I also like the new Colour Me In box for Rice Krispies. I know I will have to get this for my kids at some point! Decorating cereal boxes is something we often do in my house. With a thick black marker my husband will rename a cereal to make the kids smile in the morning. For some reason they thought it was hilarious when he renamed Frosties as 'Meaties' with 100% Meat. Now the kids can decorate their own box of cereal and I am sure they will enjoy it!

rice krispies
These boxes are only available for a limited time, I saw them in my local Asda, and I will be posting back with my kids handiwork!

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