15 Jun 2012

Innocent The Golden Smoothie: Oranges, Carrots & Mangoes

I recently reviewed the new Innocent Smoothie for kids so I'm glad to see that there is another new flavour available. This limited edition has been especially created to celebrate Innocent's status as the official smoothie of the Olympic Games. It has the Olympic 2012 logo on the bottle and features a golden vest on the front. My kids loved the front of this but then they are quite excited about the Olympics!

The smoothie has a lovely rich orange colour and is called 'oranges, carrots & mangoes'. I love the sound of this combination. One of my favourite juices to make at home is oranges, carrots, apples and ginger, so I had high hopes for this new Innocent smoothie. In reality the base ingredients are similar to other Innocent Smoothies; grapes, banana, and a squeeze of lemon. The oranges, carrots & mangoes make up 19%, 16% and 8% of this smoothie respectively. It gives you 2 of your 5 a day in a 250ml bottle which is great.

The taste is similar to other Innocent Orange and Mango smoothies. There is only a hint of carrot which I found disappointing, I would have preferred a stronger carrot taste. The overall taste is delicious though, it was slurped up in a matter of seconds and both my kids wanted to try it! I hope that this product will also be made available in a larger family sized bottle.

In slightly related news (well they are linked by the Olympics!) have you seen the latest range of Lego Minifigures? There are 9 new Limited Edition Team GB Minifigures available exclusively in the UK. They are super cute as always! Can't wait to get some of these for my boys. I hope we get the Gymnast and the Relay Runner! Look out for them from July 1st.

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