17 Jun 2012

Super Mario Chocolate Lollipop (Cybercandy)

I bought this fantastic looking Super Mario Chocolate Lollipop in Cybercandy a while ago. I love visiting the Cybercandy store in Covent Garden and browsing some of the different chocolates and sweets that the world has to offer. Products from Japan are my favourite just because they often feature brilliant characters and interesting flavours. Anything edible that is Nintendo or computer game related is always popular in my house!

This Super Mario Lollipop was bought on it's cuteness alone, and just looks too good to eat. I decided to save it for Father's Day which means it is really for the kids to eat, something my husband is fully aware of! I can't tell you what it tasted like as it was hard enough for two boys to try to share it, let alone giving the adults a bite. All I can say is that my kids told me it tasted yummy!

I need another visit to Cybercandy soon, I've just seen this awesome Sonic The Hedgehog Speed Energy Drink on their website. Although that is definitely not one for the kids, they have enough energy as it is!


  1. I love Cybercandy... I always leave that store a lot poorer! I'd recommend the store in Angel, it's very close to the station and has a slightly different selection.

  2. I didn't realise there is a Cybercandy stop in Angel, how did that pass me by? Will definitely check that one out, I need to stock up on some Pop Tarts and Kit Kat Cookies n Cream! Thanks :)


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