4 Jun 2012

Fabulous Bakin' Boys Strawberries & Cream Mini Cupcakes, Summer Fruits Cupcakes

I've posted before about how much I like the Fabulous Bakin' Boys range. They always bring out great seasonal varieties, with new ingredients and flavours. Firstly for the Great British summer of celebrations we have a Union Jack themed box with Strawberries & Cream flavour mini cupcakes. This is a great flavour combination to choose as it obviously evokes the British summertime. They have the distinctive flavour of all Fabulous Bakin' Boys cupcakes. There is a thick layer of icing at the top which is 'Devonshire Cream' flavoured. The sponge is described as strawberry flavour with little strawberry pieces and tasted delicious. These mini cupcakes are quite small but are perfect for a bite sized treat.

Also new to the range are regular sized Summer Fruits Cupcakes. They also feature patriotic packaging and are similar in taste to the Strawberries & Cream variety. They have fruit pieces in the sponge layer too with strawberry and blueberry flavours. The icing on top has different flavours; there is vanilla, pale and dark Strawberry, which makes these a more colourful option.

The back of the box of mini cupcakes also comes with Union Jack flags to cut out and decorate the top of your cupcakes. These are a lovely addition from the Fabulous Bakin' Boys. They are easy to cut out and make into decorations.

I made up a little display for a party using both types of new cupcakes on a Union Jack cupcake stand. I used the flag decorations and other British themed decorations to decorate them. I thought the end result looked very good and best of all the whole thing only took a few minutes to put together. This is brilliant if you are short on time or have lots of other food to prepare. This display was made for a group of children and they all loved the cakes and especially the little decorations on top. Such a simple idea but very effective. 

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