11 Jun 2012

Toblerone Snow Top Chocolate Limited Edition

When I was growing up I always thought Toblerone was quite a 'posh' chocolate. The kind of treat only bought in massive sized portions from Duty Free at airports. Nowadays it seems to be a staple of the Pound stores. Not that I'm complaining, I love searching for new products in discount stores. I found this Toblerone Snow Top in a local Sam 99p store for the bargain price of 2 bars for 99p.

I'm guessing that this bar must have come out for Christmas last year even though it still has a 'NEW' label on it. I haven't eaten Toblerone for a good few years and I wasn't sure if it would taste as good as I remembered. The chocolate is very chunky and the triangular shape makes it perfect for sharing out in bite sized chucks. I loved the taste of the chocolate, it's very creamy and the nougat compliments it deliciously. The white chocolate peaks were not very distinctive in flavour, but they do make the bar look fantastic. My kids were intrigued by this mountain looking chocolate and I'm sure they would eat it again!

It has reignited my old love of Toblerone and I am now on the look out for this new Dad of the Year packaged Toblerone, perfect for Father's Day!

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