24 Jun 2012

Swizzels Mix Football Fever sweets (by Swizzels Matlow)

Swizzels Matlow has produced this great bag of Football, and England, themed sweets which is a nice change from all the Union Jack products available at the moment. (Although Swizzels Matlow also have a Union Jack themed product called Champions which I can't wait to try!).

The sweets are all fun and kid friendly. Most of the sweets will be familiar to fans of Swizzels Matlow but feature new packaging. The Double Lollies have the same tasty fruity and chalky flavour, but now have a little picture on the wrapper of a referee blowing his whistle. The Football Lollipops are the same as Fruity Pops but with a fantastic new wrapper.  The Drumstick has a lovely ice cream fruity flavour. My favourite of the bunch was the Fun Gums Footballs. These look like they should be sour sweets, as they have a sugary covering, but they are not. They have a lovely sweet strawberry flavour and I ate them far too quickly!

My kids' favourite sweets were definitely the new Candy Floss Flavour Whistle. The black and white whistle has a removable cap which reveals a yummy pink fruity sweet. These were a real blast from the past - looking at these I suddenly remembered a Lipstick shaped sweet I used to get as a child in the 80s, these are exactly the same flavour!

I bought this bag of 10 sweets for the bargain price of £1. I got a slightly uneven mix of sweets in the bag, there was only one drumstick lolly but three of the football lollipops which suited me just fine! I'd love to see a bag with just the whistle sweets or even a return of the lipstick sweets!

These are a great product to accompany any football themed party for kids or of course as a snack while watching a match!


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  2. Ha Ha - I'm eating these while watching Euro2012!. Super tasty and a great find. And it comes with a whistle! Wot more do you need?!

  3. I'm sure that someone paying a visit to the Boat House Braunston will take a packet of Swizzels Football Fever sweets with them.


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