2 Mar 2013

ChokaBlok Cookie Dough Mon-Star Ice Cream Cake

Some of you who read this blog may know that I love anything star shaped, so I was hardly likely to resist this star shaped ice cream cake. I was looking for a celebratory dessert, something that wasn't just a tub of ice cream but not a cake or cheesecake either. This ChokaBlok Cookie Dough Mon-Star Ice Cream Cake was the perfect find.

I haven't tried too many ChokaBlok products before but they have an extremely extensive range which encompasses ice creams (tubs and sticks), brownies, hot chocolate, and even Easter eggs. They are probably best known for their delicious chocolate slabs which are packed (or even chock a block) full of ingredients.

The ice cream cake certainly looks impressive; it's a large size that would easily cater for at least six people, perhaps even more, as long as some of the number were little people! The ice cream comes displayed on it's own gold backing which adds some extra sparkle to the starry theme.

There are a smattering of star shaped chocolate sprinkles on top of the thick layer of chocolate that covers the entire "cake". Once cut, the inner ice cream is a creamy white colour with dark brown flecks. It's easy to see why ChokaBlok has become so popular for it's chocolate. Here, the chocolate layer has a deliciously strong cocoa edge with a surprisingly rich flavour. Of course, the chocolate cracked slightly when it was cut, but not into unmanageable amounts. It just makes the chocolate pieces even more appealing - they are just asking to be taken off and nibbled!

The ice cream provides a nice balance to the rich chocolate. It's smooth and creamy, with a mainly milky flavour. Despite the name, there are no large cookie dough chunks within the ice cream. The cookie dough pieces are quite small and sweet, without the salty edge that cookie dough ice cream sometimes has. There are also some dark chocolate flecks throughout the ice cream which add a little bit of extra chocolate flavour.

Overall this is a stellar (couldn't resist!) looking ice cream that makes a lovely family dessert. My kids loved the star shape - it provides a great wow factor. They also enjoyed the creamy ice cream and rich chocolate. If you're looking for a more intense cookie dough dessert then you should probably try ChokaBlok's Cookie Dough Mon-Star tub ice cream.

The ChokaBlok range is available at Tesco's. At the moment there are lots of great offers on the range including this Mon-Star Ice Cream Cake which is only £2.00, half the usual price of £4.00, which makes this a fantastic bargain.


  1. Thanks for the mention Katherine! I love ChokaBlok products and I've always wanted to try this one but I've not had an excuse to buy it because it looks HUGE and I didn't think I could justify it for just me and hubby. I am glad that the star shaped bowls have made an appearance as anything else would have been wrong! :-)

  2. Not fair, I can't find this anywhere :-(


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