11 Mar 2013

Hotel Chocolat Zebra Beastie Egg Review

Image: Hotel Chocolat
When Hotel Chocolat offered to send me their Zebra Beastie Eggs I was eager to give it a try. Their Beastie Egg range is described as a "striking range of Easter Eggs for those who like their eggs wildly stylish". The eggs have been printed with an all natural cocoa butter transfer on the outside. There are three eggs available in the range: Cow Beastie Egg, Beau Bunny Beastie Egg and the one I have for review - the Zebra Beastie Egg.

The egg comes wrapped in cellophane and tied with a Hotel Chocolat ribbon. I loved the overall presentation - I immediately wanted to pull on the bow and open it up! Under the wrapping, there is a large hollow egg with a zebra print design and six smaller "Egglets" included.

The main egg has a super glossy outer surface which makes the zebra print design really stand out. It might look from the outside that this egg is partly made with dark chocolate, but it is in fact a completely milk chocolate egg.

I loved that this chocolate egg is quite thick and solid, making it possible to break off a piece cleanly with a satisfying "snap". The milk chocolate is absolutely delicious: sweet and creamy enough to satisfy all family members (this egg is part of the kids range after all), but still rich in cocoa intensity to keep chocolate lovers happy too. It's made with a minimum of 40% cocoa solids.

The Hotel Chocolat Zebra Beastie Egg also comes with six mini eggs; three filled with salted caramel and three with hazelnut praline.

The salted caramel were my absolute favourite of the two; the smooth and rich outer milk chocolate is filled with an extremely buttery caramel that has the perfect salty edge to it. Not everyone in my family is keen on salted caramel as a flavour, my husband especially, but that just left more of these little eggs for me!

The mini hazelnut praline eggs were also delicious, and these were much more to my husband's liking. For lovers of hazelnut flavours these are hard to beat. The filling has a rich buttery texture that melts away to reveal a silky smooth nutty praline. They're just gorgeous.

Salted Caramel eggs (orange peak), Hazelnut Praline eggs (pink and white peak)
Overall this is a fabulous Easter Egg that I would highly recommend, especially for fans of milk chocolate and salted caramel. The interesting outer design also gives these Hotel Chocolat Beastie Eggs a fun and unique look.

Hotel Chocolat kindly sent me this product for an honest review and all views expressed are my own.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Hotel Chocolat Zebra Beastie Egg

RATING: 9 out of 10
Buy them again?: Yes, it's a very impressive looking egg that tastes fantastic.
Nutrition (per 47g serving): 260 calories, 
5g protein, 22g carbs (20g sugars), 18g fat.
Purchased: Available from Hotel Chocolat
Price: £15.00.

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  1. Wow. What a lovely egg. I wish the whole egg was salted caramel!


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