7 May 2012

Cornetto Enigma Cookie Ice Cream (Tesco)

Cornetto have added a new Cookie flavour to their Enigma range. It features cookie flavoured ice cream topped with cookie and chocolate pieces . The Enigma range all have a filled cone and this variety boasts a soft core of chocolate sauce and even more cookie pieces inside.

I love the idea of cookie ice cream in a cone format, usually this flavour seems to be reserved for tubs of premium ice cream. These new cones are topped with a little plastic dome to keep the peak nice and tall. The chocolate pieces covering the top are very tasty.They are dark and sweet and remind me of Oreos. The actual cookie flavour in the ice cream is quite disappointing. There is a slight biscuity flavour but really you would be forgiven for thinking this is just a vanilla ice cream.

The best part of any Enigma cones is the extra layer of sauce running through the core. I liked the thick chocolate sauce running through this one and there were a fair amount of cookie pieces to add a nice crunch. Overall, it's a nice enough tasting ice cream but it doesn't live up to the promise of a "cookie" ice cream cone.

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