27 May 2012

Review! M&S Limited Edition Pizza: New York Pastrami

I spotted this Limited Edition M&S pizza on a recent shopping trip and was immediately intrigued by it. I'm lucky enough to have visited New York's Katz Delicatessen and tasted one of their world famous pastrami sandwiches. A delicious combination of rye bread, pastrami, guerkins and mustard which is served in an absolutely stomach bursting portion. I had high hopes for this New York Pastrami Pizza from M&S. It has all the classic ingredients of a pastrami sandcwich, plus jalapeño peppers, and comes with a serving of american mustard.

The pizza I bought had 3 large slices of guerkin, a generous helping of pastrami, a decent sprinkling of cheese and about 6 jalapeño peppers. It certainly looked impressive coming out of the oven and served 3 of us with ease. The stonebaked base was soft and doughy, the toppings were delicious especially with a drizzle of mustard over the top. I love the simple idea of using a sandwich as inspiration for a pizza and I'm certainly going to try these toppings again when making my own pizza.

The pizza cost £3.99 and there are other Limited Edition varieties available, I was also tempted by the new Spanish Spicy Chorizo pizza.

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