20 May 2012

Warburtons Pitta Chips: Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar and Chilli Jack

I spotted these in a local newsagents with the magic word 'NEW' in prominent letters across the top. They looked interesting, pitta bread made into a crisps type snack by the bread makers Warburtons. A quick google tells me that these are not actually new, they've been around since spring last year. I've certainly never seen them before so I was still intrigued by them. I bought Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar and also Chilli Jack flavour.

Inside the pack are lots of triangle shaped pieces of pitta bread. The pitta chips are lovely and crunchy but not too hard. I was a bit worried that 'baked pitta' would equal 'hard as a rock pitta' but they have a great consistency, extremely moreish and munchy. They would be perfect for dipping and are a great alternative to crisps. Indeed they have one-third less fat that potato crisps but still taste delicious.

The two flavours were very different experiences. The Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar were extremely flavourful. If you like your salt and vinegar to be very vinegary then you will love these. After trying the first flavour I thought the Chilli Jack might be too much for me, as I'm not a huge fan of chilli, but these were surprisingly sweet and not too strong. The sweet chilli flavour is combined with a tasty Jack Cheese seasoning which I really enjoyed. My youngest son helped me to eat these, I didn't think he would enjoy the chilli flavour at all, but he really liked the sweetness in them and loved the novelty of these being pitta breads. I can't wait to try the other flavour Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper which sound absolutely yummy too.

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