4 May 2012

Pom-Bear Teddy Shaped Potato Snack Smoky Bacon Flavour (£1 at Asda)

My kids have always big fans of the Pom-Bear range of potato snacks, even as they are getting older they still enjoy the teddy bear shaped snacks! They especially loved the new Pizza flavour which was released last year. I'm surprised there are not more pizza flavoured crisps aimed at kids as they were a big hit with mine, deliciously cheesy and herby. I was pleased to see another new flavour, Smoky Bacon, on a recent visit to Asda (on special offer for £1 for a 6 pack). Smoky Bacon is a common flavour for kids crisps but is still a very welcome one to the Pom-Bear range.

The new Smoky Bacon potato snacks have the familiar teddy bear shape that we all love, and are covered with a generous layer of strong bacon flavouring. Despite the name including the word "smokey" it's actually a sweet leaning bacon flavour that is extremely moreish and delicious. They're a great addition to the Pom-Bear range, which I'll certainly be purchasing again, and at only 98 calories a bag I'll be grabbing a few packs for myself!

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