26 May 2012

M&M's Limited Edition: Red, White and Blue

At the moment it seems that every product in the supermarket has the Union Jack plastered all over it... from toilet rolls to crisps. This one really caught my eye though; M&M's in red, white and blue colours.  These M&M's look fantastic, the package is bright and has the magic words that I love; 'Limited Edition'. The Union Jack on the packet is made up of red, white and blue M&M's. I tried and failed to recreate a Union Jack with these M&M's at home, far too fiddly for me!

The actual M&M's are the same as the normal peanut variety. The blue one is very bright, not the dark blue of the Union Jack, but would still look great at any UK themed party. I'm going to be eating mine as I watch Engelbert Humperdinck perform for the UK at Eurovision!

I bought these for £1.50 at Sainsbury's. Let me know what you think of these limited edition colours.

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  1. My mom just gave me a bag like this and I don't know whether to eat them and keep the bag, or save the sealed bag as a collector's edition from the London Olympics of 2012.

    From Wikipedia: from May 2012, for an unspecified time, Peanut M&M's are being produced in the UK in a limited edition "Red, White and Blues only" pack. This is in support of the Diamond Jubilee and 2012 Olympics. The trademark 'M' remains white on the white candies. The commercial promoting this has Yellow donning various outfits of British stereotypes to try and get into the limited edition pack.


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