18 May 2012

Häagen-Dazs: Mint Leaves & Chocolate Ice Cream

Häagen-Dazs have released Mint Leaves & Chocolate as a new flavour for 2012. The packaging is fairly subdued and upmarket, with a simple burgundy and gold design and a picture of the ingredients which really emphasises their quality. I usually associate mint ice cream with the brightly green coloured cheap kind so I am pleased to see a premium version of this classic flavour.  I also love the fact that this ice cream contains real mint leaves and natural mint flavour.

The first thing I notice is that the mint ice-cream is not lurid green at all but a lovely creamy colour full of chocolate fudge pieces. The initial flavour that hits you is the creamy taste of the ice cream that you would expect from  Häagen-Dazs. The mint was quite subtle and didn't pack a punch as I was expecting.  It is not overpowering at all and is perfectly balanced with the creamy ice-cream. There are also lots of small chocolate pieces throughout the ice cream. They are dark chocolate which is always a great combination with mint. Overall this Mint Leaves & Chocolate ice cream is very refreshing and perfect for hot summer days.

Have you tried this flavour, what did you think of it? I would love Häagen-Dazs to release a Banana ice-cream flavour next!

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  1. I went out and bought the mint Haagen-Daz because of your review. It was delicious! Can you do something for B&J? Thx :)

  2. Hi IceCreamFan. Thanks so much for your comment, glad you enjoyed the post and the ice cream! I'm going to be reviewing the new Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra in the next few days so check back soon :)


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