8 May 2012

Kellogg's All Bran Breakfast Biscuits Chocolate

The adults in my household are all partial to a bowl of All-Bran cereal, it's definitely a cereal that feels like it is doing you good. Cereal bars on the other hand tend to be quite sugary but they are very useful during a late morning rush or for a mid-morning snack. These look very grown up and have the virtue of being 19% fibre. There is an impressive combination of Wheat Bran, Oat fibre and Barley in these biscuits. I opted for the Chocolate variety but it also comes in an Original flavour.

There are 6 individually wrapped packets inside, each with one flat biscuit which has a groove allowing you to break it into two portions. I was quite surprised by the size and shape of these as I was expecting a cereal bar type product. The taste is very wholesome and fibrous coupled with the very sweet taste of chocolate chips. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the texture of the biscuits, they are very dense and hard to bite into. I think the only way to eat them is by dunking them in a hot drink to soften them up a bit, indeed it says on the box; 'They're particularly tasty when dunked in your morning cuppa'. In the end these were great for taking to work and having with a cup of coffee, I will probably buy the Original flavour to try as well as I suspect they will be less sweet.

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