4 May 2012

Review: Curiously Strawberry cereal by Nestle

Curiously Strawberry is a new sister cereal (well it's pink!) to Nestlé's popular Curiously Cinnamon cereal. You can't miss the fact that these are new, the bright yellow NEW! screamed at me across the supermarket aisle and I just had to give these a try. This cereal has the same sprinkling of sugar as the Curiously Cinnamon ones and the same array of patterns on the individual cereals, except that this time the pattern is pink in colour. I was a bit worried that these could have an overpowering and artificial strawberry taste and smell. However I was very pleased to find that the strawberry taste is quite subtle and once combined with  milk gives a yummy and very sweet strawberry milkshake flavour. Although the milk does not turn pink!  I was happily impressed with these and will taste test them on my kids at the weekend.

I found this on offer at Tesco for £1.50 for a 375g box.

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