5 May 2012

Tic Tac Summer Editions 2012: Watermelon and Strawberry Fields (59p each at Somerfield)

Tic Tac have again launched new limited edition flavours for summer. This time we have a lovely fresh sounding Watermelon and the super sweet looking Strawberry Fields. I really enjoyed the limited edition Peach Passion flavour last year so I'm really pleased that Tic Tac have added some innovative summer flavours to their range.

First up is the Strawberry Fields. I just love the name and look of these, synonymous with the Beatles, perfect for a British Summer, this is a great release for 2012. There are two shades of pink within the little pack and the packaging tells us that the pale pink are 'sweet' and the darker pink are 'sour'. The 'sweet' one starts off with a yummy strawberry milkshake flavour but still has a tangy burst towards the end and is very moreish. The 'sour' one is very similar and at first taste I couldn't tell the difference but the tangy burst at the end is stronger. It's still sufficiently sweet and doesn't have that bitterness or acid taste that some sour sweets have.

The second new flavour is the Watermelon which comes in a hot pink tinted plastic case which suits the product flavour perfectly. I'm expecting these to be fresh and sweet. At first they don't taste of watermelon at all, just vaguely sweet but the natural watermelon taste soon comes to the fore and is especially strong as you get to the centre. If you like the taste of watermelon or melon then you will love these as a little handbag or pocket snack.

Both varieties contain natural powdered fruit to flavour them which is fantastic. Even though I miss last years Peach Passion, the new Strawberry Fields is a worthy successor.


  1. where can I buy watermelon tic tacs? I was looking everywhere... :-(

  2. These are absolutely my favorite Tic Tacs flavor. Wish I could find these again. They don't seem to make them anymore.


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