20 May 2012

Starburst Tongue Tangles

The makers of Starburst Tongue Tangles describe these sweets as 'fruit chews with an oozing sour centre'. I'm not a fan of the word 'oozing' in relation to food, it's not exactly tempting! There are three flavours is this pack; Banana & Mango, Apricot & Cherry and Blueberry & Lemon. I like the range of flavours, they are quite different from the usual starburst flavours, especially the Banana & Mango. I love the fact that there is real fruit juice in these sweets and no artificial colours or flavours.

The outer part of the sweet is very chewy and practically the same as a regular starburst. The flavours are true to their descriptions and very fruity. The inner liquid core is quite sour, but still fruity, and adds a tanginess to the whole flavour.

I don't think I would buy these again but then I'm not really a fan of sour sweets. Let me know what you think of the new Tongue Tangles.

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