6 May 2012

Fabulous Bakin' Boys 4 Coconut King Cupcakes (£1.48 at Asda)

These don't have the magic words 'New' or 'Limited Edition' on the box but since this was the first time I have come across these coconut cupcakes I snapped them up when I saw them in Asda. Fabulous Bakin' Boys are one of those ranges that often release limited edition products based on special holidays such as at Easter and Halloween. Their cupcakes and oaty flapjacks are very useful for lunch boxes or days out as they are individually wrapped.

These coconut cupcakes are 'King' cupcakes so are aimed at grown-ups or big kids. Coconut flavour can be hard to get right. In my experience some coconut products end up tasting artificial and like a cheap coconut scented shower gel! I thought the Fabulous Bakin' Boys got the flavour just right, with a lovely amount of dessicated coconut giving the cake a perfect crumbly texture and fresh coconut taste. The cake is topped with a thick layer of dark "chocolate", that is probably the weakest part of the cupacake.

I'll be featuring some more from this range in the near future as they have new Jubilee themed products out soon.

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  1. Just noticed you have a coconut section on your blog (awesome!) so I just saw this post. These look lovely, I don't go to Asda very often but hopefully I can find some of these as they sound really good. Thanks!


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