22 May 2012

Limited Edition Yankee Candle Eat Desserts First range

I know that this is not strictly a grocery gem but I am so excited by this new range of Limited Edition Yankee Candles which are due in the UK in August this year. Eat Desserts First is a Limited Edition range themed around delicious cakes. There are three varieties; Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Layer Cake and Banana Cream Cake. To add to the cake shop appeal the jars feature a cute scalloped lid to evoke the edge of a cake stand. I also love the name of the range, 'Eat Desserts First', which is my motto in life!

As I've mentioned before here, Red Velvet is one of my family's favourite cakes. I love the contrast between the deep red colour and the white frosting as well as the delicious rich chocolate taste. I cannot wait to smell the Red Velvet Cake candle. Yankee Candle appear to have captured my favourite cake in a jar! It looks too good to burn.

What do you think of this new range by Yankee Candle? Do you have a favourite cake that you would like to see in a candle form?

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  1. Oh god! I won't know whether to light or eat these! They sound delicious. Great find!


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