6 May 2012

Rowntree's Fruit Bottles (59p at Somerfield/ Co-op)

These Rowntree Fruit Bottles also come in a larger sharing bag of 150g which is currently on offer in Tesco for £1. I went for the smaller 45g bag as a treat for my kids to share. They loved the outer bright packaging and especially the peering eyes on each bottles, which gives the bag a very fun look. Inside the packet the fun continues with each sweetie bottle having a little smiley face, something my kids just loved.  Even though they are a similar shape to cola bottle sweets, these don't have any sugar coating and are more jelly-ish in texture. There are four colours to match the four flavours: Lime, Cherry, Blackcurrant and Orange. These contain 25% fruit juice and this gives the sweets a pleasant fruity taste. Unfortunately there was only one Blackcurrant bottle inside our pack but out of the remaining flavours Cherry was definitely our favourite.

A lovely cheery treat for kids and thank you Rowntree for putting little smiley faces on the bottles!

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