29 May 2012

Rachel's Organic Heavenly Coconut Special Edition Yogurts

I love the divine name of this yogurt, 'Heavenly Coconut', but then again I am partial to coconut. These Rachel's Organic Special Edition yogurts come in a four pack of 2 x coconut & passion fruit flavour and 2 x coconut, pineapple & banana flavour. Who needs bland strawberry yogurts when you can have such exotic flavours. I bought this variety, which is only available for a limited time, in Waitrose for £2.

Rachel's Organic is a brand which only uses pure and organic ingredients so I had high expectations for the taste of these yogurts. The passion fruit is the dominant flavour in the coconut & passion fruit variety. It is extremely fruity and quite tart while the coconut flavour adds a lovely sweetness. The actual yogurt is very creamy and is smooth apart from the pieces of dessicated coconut. In the coconut, pineapple & banana flavour, the pineapple is dominant with a great fresh flavour. The banana flavour is more subtle but adds to the creaminess of the yogurt. The combination of flavours are delicious.

All in all I think 'Heavenly' is the perfect word to describe these yogurts!

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