10 May 2012

Thomas and Friends Snacks (£1.29 at Asda)

Just picked these up in Asda today; a multipack of 6 bags (3 x cheese and 3 x tomato) for £1.29. I know there have been Thomas branded yoghurts available for a while but I've never seen these 'snacks' before. They are made of corn, potato and rice and feature some great Thomas character shapes.

Even though my boys are probably way too old for these I couldn't resist picking up a pack. They both really enjoyed them and since I have one child that doesn't like cheese flavoured crisps it's great that there are two different flavours for Mum's sake! My kids are actually very fussy with crisps so I was pleased that they both enjoyed these. The Cheese flavour are very reminiscent of Quavers, while the Ketchup flavour is more unique and my son said it was had a nice sweet tomato taste.

There is an impressive checklist on the front extolling the products' virtues, such as; natural flavours, gluten free and no artificial preservatives. Also there are only 73 calories per bag and 0.11g of salt. It's all too easy to place an image of Thomas on an inferior product but this is definitely of a higher quality then most. It's made by The Dormen Food Company in Wiltshire.

The best part are of course the Thomas shapes, this is a very fun product in this respect and I'm sure any Thomas fan will love them. Perfect for a once a week lunchbox snack. What do your kids think of this new product, do they like the flavours? Let me know if you have tried them!

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