11 May 2012

Magnum Inifinity Chocolate Ice Cream

I must be a big kid at heart because the discovery of a new ice cream always makes my day. Magnum often brings out new varieties to keep the brand fresh and interesting. I loved the Magnum Gold which was released a few years ago and the Magnum Temptation last year. This year we have the Magnum Infinity. It promises to give you an intense pleasure sensation that stays with you for longer. This is because it has 'cocoa nibs' which are made from a rare Tanzanian cocoa containing a high concentration of theobromine, a phytochemical known to have a mild, stimulating effect. They claim that Magnum Infinity helps to increase feelings of well-being and pleasure. Well, I think most ice cream has that affect on me anyway!

The taste of these is extremely intense, the dark chocolate covering is covered with 'bumps', which at first glance might look like nuts, but are in fact the raw cocoa nibs. These don't taste at all like I was expecting, they are quite bitter and could almost be mistaken for coffee beans. If you love extremely dark, strong chocolate then this will be heaven. I have quite a sweet tooth so these were a bit too intense and dark for me! The ice cream in the centre is lovely and smooth with a sweet chocolate flavour. It helps to balance the dark chocolate but is ultimately overpowered flavourwise.

These are now available in a new pack of the Mini variety, making this a less intense way to enjoy the Magnum Infinity.

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  1. I love magmum ice cream and often get tempted to buy them when they are on special offer which is quite often! I wish I could have one now :)

    1. It's so hard to resist when they are half price isn't it!

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