29 May 2012

Marks & Spencer: Colin the Caterpillar Yogurt tubes

New to the Marks and Spencer's kids food range are these Colin the Caterpillar yogurt tubes. I bought a pack of 9 yogurts with 3 x blackcurrant, 3 x apple, 3 x raspberry for £1.59. There are several varieties of similar yogurt tubes already on the market. I find them very useful for packed lunches and snacks on the go. M&S have added some interesting flavours to the mix. Apple is certainly a unique flavour for this type of product and is great for kids who are getting bored of the usual strawberry or peach flavours which are widely available.

My children really enjoyed these yogurts, they are creamy and sweet and the flavours are very fruity. They also liked the slightly goofy picture of Colin the Caterpillar eating his fruit. I noticed that there are also new Percy Pig yogurts available in multipack tubs, which I think will be very popular with kids. Let me know if you have tried these yet and what you thought of them!

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  1. My kids just love the Marks & Spencer: Colin the Caterpillar Yogurt tubes. Whenever i went out for shopping, I do purchase these yoghurt tubes for them.


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